My Year Long Challenge

22 January 2014

My year long challenge has begun. Every month I am going to tackle a particular area of my life that needs a makeover, I have spent a long time thinking over what I do well at present and what I need to change, hopefully I will end up healthier, fitter and slimmer.

Month 1 – I intend to move about more, walk wherever practically possible and wear my step counter to achieve that goal of at least 4000 steps per day.

Month 2 – I will cut out all fatty food (no crafty bacon butties).

Month 3 – I will cut out all sugary foods ie no biscuits, sugar in my coffee. Etc.

Month 4 – I will decrease my portion sizes.

Month 5 – I will take notice of food labelling more and only buy if low in fat, sugar etc.

Month 6 – I will cut out all snacks between meals.

Month 7 – I aim to 5 fruit and vegetables a day.

Month 8 – I will not buy any ready meals whatsoever and create my own meals from scratch.

Month 9 – I intend to look at what I drink.

Month 10 – I will start to make healthy lunchboxes.

Month 11 – I will cut out salt from my diet.

Month 12 – I intend to look at my wardrobe.

Each month I intend to evaluate what I have achieved and hopefully write a post about it. Wish me luck.

- Posted on the go :)


  1. Great goals....I think I would struggle with month 2 though....I love a bacon butty! x

  2. I know Kim, this will be a shock to my system too, I love fried bacon and mushroom x x


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