Hive Active Heating - Money Saving System

13 January 2014

Have you heard about Active Heating from The Hive, this is a handy piece of equipment that let's you control your heating and hot water via an App, which is available for both iPhone and android phones. The whole system costs £199 which includes £80 installation fees which you are supposed to be able to save in the first year.

The Hive Active Heating™ kit includes:
Professional installation
Smartphone app

I have been thinking of all the ways I could use this system, especially as I work full-time. I often dash out of the house at the last minute in a morning and forget to switch the heating or hot water off, or how about the time you decide to go out and finish work early, you could control the hot water and by the time you get home voila your bath water would be ready. Even when you go on holiday you can control your heating and hot water. You can also alter the temperature of your heating, but I think one of the best parts for me is it has frost protection, if the temperature drops it will maintain it at least 7 degrees which can undoubtedly save you money from frozen pipes.

Now I just need to find something to control the rest of my life :).

This is a sponsored post.

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