Makies Dolls Vlog Review

2 December 2013

Grotbags was recently sent a Makies doll to create from MakieLab. She received a little Makie box which contained a code to use once Grotbags had created her doll and this allowed her to purchase her creation. You can actually make your own doll, choose  all it's features and different hair styles to create your own unique doll.

Makies are the worlds first and only 3D printed toy. They are made locally with lasers and are built to last, each doll is CE certified and bears the lion mark of quality. For more information visit Makies. See how a Grotbags got on in the Vlog above and I will post again once we receive the doll.

We received the Makies FOC for review purposes.

Posted on the go :)

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  1. Awww love this, Grace seems so grown up now :)


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