Christmas Present Puzzle

2 December 2013

Oh where to hide the presents
I haven’t got a clue
For each new place I try to find
Grotbags seeks it too
No wardrobe is too big for her
Or nook or cranny to small
I swear she has psychic vision
And its driving me up the wall
I’ve hidden things in suitcases
Under beds and at my mums
But she always seem to find them
And I'm turning to the rum
If only I could venture into the loft above
The presents would be safe up there until the special night
Away from feeling hands and prying eyes
But the spiders and the cobwebs gave me a great big fright
So the moral of my poem is to think of something new
The presents are in pillowcases on the airing cupboard shelf
And because I can't store chocolate here
I have eaten it myself

This post is an entry into the Hudl Christmas cheer competition

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