10 Eco-Friendly Christmas Gifts for Kids

11 December 2013

10 Eco-friendly Christmas gifts for kids

Christmas is a time for giving, and for eco-conscious families there are plenty of children’s presents that combine the spirit of this tradition with environmental awareness. These range from fun and simple gifts for those on a budget through to inventive and elaborate gadgets. We take a look at ten great ideas for eco- friendly kids’ gifts.

1. Build Your Own Bird Feeder

Kids love to build and make things as well as animals and the outdoors, and what better way to combine these interests than in a build your own bird feeder? Make your own kits in sustainably sourced wood enable young nature-lovers to attract, observe and learn about the wildlife in their garden.

2. Fair Trade Wooden Toys

Sometimes there’s no substitute for a toy such as a racing car that kids can zoom along the floor or a train to keep them making steam engine noises for hours on end. Wooden toys have a classic charm and beauty and make great gifts. Look out for products that carry the International Fair Trade Association (IFAT) certification.

3. Wind Up Racing Cars

If you’re after something a little fancier but don’t like the idea of toys that require batteries or mains power, then how about a wind up racing car? Look out for sets that include tracks and controllers for hours of excitement.

4. Bird Watching Kit

Give budding ornithologists a helping hand with a bird watching and identification kit, containing an identification book or identification cards, binoculars and field notebook.

5. Solar Powered Transforming Toys

Combine sustainable energy education with transformer fun. Toys that transform between animals, boats or other robot characters are great fun for kids. The added bonus with solar powered toys is that they are energised by the sun to move, whether it is a car or a boat running along the floor, a plane flying or a windmill spinning.

6. Wind Up Radio

Give kids the gift of music with a wind up radio that runs entirely on manual power! There’s no need for batteries with wind up radios, and this means they never run out either. Look out for radios with sparkly lights for added fun and useful features such as mobile phone charging cables.

7. Grow Your Own Plant Kit

Budding gardeners will love grow your own plant kits, containing seeds, instructions and compost to grow their own plants in the self-contained packet. Watch them have fun as they sow flower or vegetable seeds, add water and light and watch the seedlings grow!

8. Recycled Lunch Boxes and Pencil Cases

Practical gifts made of recycled materials are a great way to show kids how materials can be reused and given a new lease of life. Look out for cute lunch boxes made of recycled plastic bottles or stylish pencil cases from recycled car tyres.

9. Fairtrade Organic Chocolate Coins and Animals

Fairtrade products promote the system of fair prices being paid to producers in developing countries, encouraging community projects and environmentally sustainable practices. Chocolate coins and animals also taste delicious!

10. Solar Night Lights

Get the best out of your energy tariffs and help your kids sleep soundly at the same time with soothing solar powered night lights. Look out for fun lights in the shape of animals or flowers that kids will love just as much by day as by night. Simply place them in front of a window to charge during the day and watch them glow warmly at night.

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