Narnia at Chatsworth

22 November 2013

On Sunday we were transported to the magical land of Narnia at Chatsworth House, which has undergone a spectacular transformation to bring C.S. Lewis's classic tale of 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe' to life.

The magical journey starts as you experience wartime London in the North Entrance Hall before walking through wardrobe doors surrounded by furs to enter the Narnian forest under the icy grip of the White Witch. The corridor was decorated with trees, snow and sleighs and created a wintry wonderland that was originally discovered by Peter, Edmund, Susan and Lucy as they burst through the wardrobe.

The Oak Room is the perfect setting for Mr Tumnus's cosy house whilst the grandeur of the Painted Hall becomes the icy palace of the White Witch.

Grotbags loved finding hidden clues on the way around the house and costumed guides were on hand to help bring the story to life. Other characters from the tale including Aslan the lion made this an enchanting experience which we all loved.

Entry cost £46 for 3 of us, but we had a marvellous day, wandering around the gardens and the Christmas Market, it is well worth a visit if you get chance.

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  1. Ooh how I wish this was still on! As I mentioned on your Instagram, I am going here very soon x


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