15 October 2013

Why when days start to grow darker do I get this big grey cloud above my head.
Time seems to stand still as I long for warmer climates.
But I have to wait until February to feel the warmth on my face once again.
To feel the soft white sand beneath my toes and crystal blue water lapping round my feet.
A cocktail or three and an abundance of food will await me.

I’m not going to wish my life away until then, I intend to do something positive.
Get out there with Grotbags come rain or shine.
Experience something new but not costly.
We will bake and make, write letters to penpals.
Cuddle on the sofa with popcorn and movies and thank god that we are alive.

There are so many people who have nobody.
There are too many people who have lost loved ones.
Some people have no home and no money
I will not moan anymore about things which I cannot change
So I will cherish what I have and be grateful we have life.

- Posted on the go :)

1 comment:

  1. Lovely posts sis! It's all too easy to wallow around isn't it! We just have to pick ourselves up and make life fun! I'm reading The Happiness Project at the moment and loving it :) xx


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