Kids Capture the Colour

5 October 2013

Grotbags was so excited to receive a lovely little camera from Travel Supermarket to enter their Kids Capture the Colour competition and couldn't wait to get snapping.  I took her to the town where my new job was based so that she had an idea where I was working and these are the photos she took whilst we were looking around.

It was a gorgeous blue sky and I think this is a great snap.

Lots of different shades of green in the countryside.
Pretty yellow flowers with little bees on.
A bright red post box against a red brick wall.
An elegant swan on the river.
These photos were all taken by Grotbags and I have just placed them in this blog post.  She had tremendous fun and took so many photos but she chose the ones that she wanted to enter into the #KIDSCTC competition and I don't think she did bad at all for an 8 year old.
We were sent a camera free of charge for the purpose of this competition.


  1. Fantastic photos Grotbags xxx

  2. I absolutely love blue and yellow :)

  3. Thank you, Grotbag's favourite is the blue sky :)

  4. I think it is our favourite too x

  5. Thanks, she had such a fab time taking the pics and choosing which ones to use for the competition x


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