Pinkie Cooper and her Jet Set Pets Review

10 September 2013

Flair have come up with a catwalk creation called Pinkie Cooper, who is a cross between a human doll and English toy spaniel and comes with a variety of fashion accessories, including her own pet dogs (which is slightly confusing).  Pinkie is a fashion student at New York's World of Original Fashion or WOOF for short.  The doll is semi jointed and therefore some parts of her body to not move very easily.  We were sent Pinkie in Paris and Li'l Pinkie for Grotbags to review and this is what she liked.

  • The packaging (which I must admit is quite vintage and striking in pink and brown).
  • The ears of the doll and dogs which can be changed round.
  • She loved Pinkie's boots (obviously she would).
  • The clothes.

Grotbags loves anything girlie and is getting to the age where normal dolls are not quite as fun and these have that older girlie feel to them.  She had great fun customising the dogs to make different looks by exchanging the ears and hair, which she thought was a great idea.  There are 3 different dolls to buy and prices start from £9.99 to £24.99 for the sets and these are available from good toy stockists.  Pinkie Cooper even has her own website with games and fun things to do.

I'm sitting on the fence on this one, whilst I don't usually buy dolls like these, I would be tempted if Grotbags carrys on playing with them as she really does like them.

We were sent these items free of charge for the purpose of this review and the opinion is my own.


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