Hotter Shoes Review

16 September 2013

Hotter Shoes is based in the North West and produce 1.7 million pairs of shoes every year. They have an ethos which is built around comfort, with each shoe being made with specific comfort concept features. They have a huge selection of shoes & boots on their website for men and women and lots of choice for extra wide fitting too. 

With Autumn just around the corner I recently chose a pair of Uptown ankle boots to try out and as I really have a shoe fetish I couldn't wait to receive them.  I have been having problems with the joints in my feet for a while and have been on the look out for something to support and coddle my feet.

These boots are fabulous and fashionable with comfort being taken into consideration due to a flexible sole and plenty of room for my toes.  They are wonderful with jeans for a casual look and comfy enough for a day out shopping, my feet really did feel great all day.  They have a lovely buckle detail and zip on the inside for ease of fastening and are available in black or brown nubuck finish.  The Uptown boot costs £85 which is a small price for comfort.

On the Hotter Shoes website there are some marvellous offers running at the minute where you can save upto £30 so why not go and pay them a visit.

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