Happy Wedding Anniversary

11 September 2013

For 13 long years I devoted my life to my boys and single handedly raised them until 9 years ago today I married a man who has made me laugh and cry and filled my life with chaos beyond my wildest dreams and although he is the untidiest male I have ever met, I cannot imagine my life without him.  He took on my 3 teenage boys as his own and for this he deserves a medal alone, he has helped them and supported them through some difficult times and I know they think alot of him for this.

He has broadened my horizons in alot of ways (some we won't go into on here), but I travelled abroad for the first time with him and now I long for faraway places, hopefully one day just me and him, so we can relax and enjoy each others company without being interrupted.

Today he gave me this ring, which I love as I have always wanted one with pearls in and I want the world to know how happy I really am as I am not one for showing my emotions easily.

Happy Anniversary, Love you Mr G.


  1. Hope you had a lovely day sis!! Gorgeous ring x

  2. Thanks sis, we didn't really do anything as we were both working late, maybe next year for our 10th :).


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