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28 August 2013

With the new school term starting shortly I have been educating Grotbags on the basic concepts of Road Safety.  I'm aware that schools often teach road safety but I don't think that it should be left just to them to protect our children.  Therefore I have been out and about with Grotbags and I have let her lead the way, pointing out obstacles on our travels and better routes she could have chosen. 

Around 1400 children are killed or seriously injured on our roads every year and that is why I have been drumming the Green Cross Code into Grotbags.  Extra tips are:

  1. Try to make your child aware of their surroundings ie not crossing the road near corners, at junctions or even on the brow of a hill as all these can be factors in road traffic accidents.
  2. Children become easily distracted and the use of ipods is not actually a wise choice when out walking on the road as they cannot hear traffic coming, neither is the use of mobile phones if your child is older.
  3. Most school uniforms are quite dark and therefore it is useful if your child wears something that is fluorescent and will make them more easily seen.
  4. If cycling to school make sure your child has an helmet that fits correctly.
  5. Wherever possible use zebra/pelican crossings.
There are lots of great resources on the internet, so why not download some activities which make learning fun and protect your child a little bit more.  I know accidents will happen but we can do our best to try and avoid them.

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