Organix Goodies (New Products)

5 August 2013

Have you heard the latest? Organix Goodies have brought out a new summer range and we were sent a marvellous parcel to taste test. Now Grotbags may be 8 years old but she is the fussiest eater I have ever met, but she as always loved Organix Goodies cereal bars.

There are 12 New Goodies foods which are suitable for children over the age of 12 months, including the Number Jumble cereal which Grotbags loves. There are also fruit gummies, squeeze fruit tubes (which Grotbags loved frozen in this gorgeous weather we have been experiencing), and two new soft oaty bar flavours, Strawberry and apple are her favourite. Not only do the products taste good, they are an healthier alternative to sweets and some other snacks.

Some packs feature a promotion to win over one million prizes so you never know you may be lucky trying them.

There are also some free activity sheets available on the Goodies Organix Facebook page and the chance to win some more fantastic prizes so why not go take a look.

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