Labyrinth Ravensburger Game Review

26 August 2013

We recently received the Labyrinth game from Ravensburger to review.  This game was voted No1 in the Games and Puzzles category in the Mums Choice Awards 2013.  When it arrived I thought it may be a little to complicated for Grotbags but she soon got the hang of it.

The game can be played by 2 – 4 people and you have to collect various items from around the board according to the cards you are dealt. You move around the board following the pathways which you have created adding the extra piece when it is your turn, this in turn alters the course of the game. It does sound complicated but is extremely simple and Grotbags soon realised the aim of the game. You can try and block your opponents from getting where they need to be as well.

We really enjoyed playing this game as a family and I would definately recommend it for a wet wintery day when boredom strikes.

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