Character Options Lite Brix Review

9 August 2013

Grotbags spends hours playing with construction toys and I must admit I rather enjoy sitting and spending that time with her.  When we were contacted to try out the new Lite Brix from Character Options we were quite excited as it looks great.  Lite Brix are recommended for children 6 years and above and range in price from £9.99 to £49.99.
Lite Brix has flashing LEDs that when connected together lights up and brings your creation to life.  We were sent the Radiant Runway and Candy Shop to review.

The Radiant Runway has a multi coloured flashing catwalk and Grotbags enjoyed fitting all the pieces together and hosting her own special fashion show.  The set came with 1 mini Harper doll figure and requires 3 AA batteries.
The Candy Shop is full of sparkly treats and goodies and Grotbags loves the fact that she can use both playsets together to make her own little world for Harper and friends to hang out.  The set came with 1 mini Ava doll figure and requires 3 AA batteries.  All the bricks are universal within the range which means you can add to the sets and expand your own Lite Brix world or they can be used with other construction bricks that are available.
Grotbags found some of the instructions rather fiddly but then she doesn't have a lot of patience, but with a little help from me we soon had the sets constructed and ready for play.  She loves the pretend lipstick and chair on the runway, I'm just glad it isn't a real one!  I think these are great girlie playsets and Grotbags as played for hours interchanging various items from each set.  I would definately recommend these for anybody Grotbag's age.

We were sent Lite Brix FOC for the purpose of this review.


  1. We love Lego and I have a couple of Lego light bricks which are brilliant, but nothing like these - they look amazing, the effect is brilliant :)

  2. We have Lego too and love it, Grotbags loves that it lights up and flashes, she wants to create a disco :)

  3. This looks ace - but it's not Lego though is it? I think Maisie would love this! x

  4. No it's not Lego, but the bricks do connect to Lego. It's good but may be a little harder to put together, although Grotbags doesn't have much patience :)


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