Bloom FM App Review

5 August 2013

Grotbags and I were recently given a free 6 month subscription to review Bloom fm and to explore the App. Bloom fm is:-

  • A free app with a library of over 18 million tracks, legally licensed from leading major and independent record labels.
  • You can enjoy your favourite music with over 150 free genre based radio stations, covering all tastes of music.
  • It has a unique ‘borrow, enjoy, return’ system with flexible bolt-on subscriptions that let users download and store music on their phone to play whenever and wherever they want, on and offline.
  • It is easy to use and child friendly.
  • No fuss – borrow albums with one tap. Your library is automatically organised and you can create your own playlists.
  • It integrates with your existing iTunes library, keeping all your music in one place and making it easy to find more of the music you like.
  • Easily share what you’re listening to on Facebook and Twitter or send tracks directly to users by email, GPS and QR code.
    The good thing about Bloom fm is that you can listen to your library of songs whilst not connected to the internet, that is once you have initally borrowed them and this is all done completely legally without the worry of illegal music downloads.  We found this great for when we were on the move in the car etc.
    The App is free to download and comes with a huge choice of free streaming radio stations, there are also optional subscriptions that let you ‘borrow’ music from’s 18 million track library and these start at just £1 per month.

    Grotbags loved the bedtime stories and music choices that were available, especially the Fim soundtracks, afterall Mamma Mia is her favourite musical.   There is also a child friendly UK top 100 chart, which only plays clean versions of current hits. I love the fairly simple layout of the App which is child friendly, Grotbags loved the little bee which carries the honeydrop into your library once you have made your selection. This App is a huge hit in our house and Grotbags loves it. can be downloaded free from the App Store here: Bloom App

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