Aquarium from Swell UK

27 August 2013

Freddie and Freda belong to Grotbags and for a while they have been needing a new home.  I recently contacted Swell UK to see if they could help and I must say they were so helpful in choosing a new home for the fish and gave us a choice of three different aquariums to choose from which were suitable for Freddie and Freda.
We decided on the AquaEl Classic Aquarium Kit which came with lighting, heater and filter and therefore I didn't need to search round for any other accessories. The Aquarium costs £42.99 and if you order before 2pm they offer next day delivery.

The aquarium has a moulded cover which provides a solid look but also safety from Fluff the cat.  We did not use the heater for our goldfish but have saved it as one day we may put tropical fish in the tank. There is also a light set in the cover which is a lovely touch. I love the bow front of the tank and I have to admit Freddie and Freda now seem really happy.

Thank you Swell UK for a fabulous, quick and helpful service.  If any of my followers have fish or reptiles then check out their website, you won't be disappointed.

We were sent this aquarium free of charge for the purpose of this review but the opinion is my own.


  1. Oo it looks good! We got this too but are waiting patiently until Sienna's birthday to get any fish for it! haha! x

  2. It's great Kerry and I found Swell really helpful too, good luck with your fish and I hope your daughter has a great birthday x

  3. That is a really great price for a nice aquarium. We saw some really expensive ones in the garden centre and were a bit put off but might have a look at this website. Thanks!

  4. It is Dawn, we had been looking a while and found a lot of places to be expensive, I can recommend this one, its not too big and is very sturdy x

  5. There are so many great aquarium kits around that don't break the bank either... we have a Fluval one with some lovely little Neon fish in - the kids love it!


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