Zelfs Review

16 July 2013

Grotbags was recently sent some Zelfs to review from Character Online.

These cute dolls have a head of neon hair which any young girl will enjoy styling into their own unique style! Grotbags was sent Vampula which she loves because she's pink.

We were also sent some of the pocket money pencil topper dolls called Lil’ Zelfs (RRP £1.99) which come on their very own plant pots. These would make great stocking fillers for Xmas.

The medium size dolls retail at £5.99, Large Zelfs dolls retail at £9.99 and the Venus Fly Trap Spin Salon at £19.99.

Grotbags loves the pocket size Zelfs and had enjoyed taking them out to play and school in her pocket.

- Posted on the go :)

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