My Tips for Stress Free Shopping

2 July 2013

After raising four children I think I have finally cracked shopping without being pestered to buy items my children said they needed. When the boys were little I can remember standing at the checkout with my son whilst he threw a tantrum because I wouldn't let him have smarties, from this day on I have tried to make shopping as stress free as possible.

1. Grotbags gets involved by helping me to write the shopping list, we make choices together for example I let her decide what fruit she would like for snacks.

2. I always take into consideration what she asks for and instead of just giving her an outright 'no' I sympathise with her and give her my reasoning behind my answer.

3. No means no, if she thought I would change my mind she will keep pestering.

4. I rip my shopping list in half and she has half to do as well. This relieves the boredom and makes her feel more involved rather than being a chore to be endured.

5. Do not go to shops where there are sweets at the check out ! I have learnt this the hard way after receiving knowing glares from other parents.

As anybody else got any tips for a stress free shopping trip? I would love to know?

On this note we get the shopping done a lot quicker which gives us more time for fun.

- Posted on the go :)

1 comment:

  1. My tip for a stress free shopping trip is don't take the kids!! Works every time ;) xxx


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