MoneySupermarket Home Improvement Challenge

23 July 2013

Since moving back to our house (after leaving it in the not so capable hands of my three sons), I have gradually decorated rooms bit by bit in order of urgency. So when I heard of the MoneySupermarket #HomeImprovementHero challenge I could not wait to get started. MoneySupermarket gave me £50 to improve the look and feel of a room in our house.

My toilet had a quick coat of magnolia before we moved back in but was looking rather dull and outdated. So with a new look in mind using white paint that I already had in the shed, I went shopping for accessories and bought.

1 roll of wallpaper​ £8.99
1 window blind​​ £7.99
1 piece of linoleum​ £15.00
4 pictures​​ £12.80
Lampshade​​ £4.00
Total​​​ £48.78

First job was to wipe everything down and give it a couple of coats of white silk emulsion and gloss. I then papered the back wall which was dam tricky considering the fan, window, toilet and pipes and I must admit I was rather hot and bothered by the time I’d finished.

I then lay the linoleum myself (OH did have a try but after enduring his moaning I told him to politely move). I then put up the new blind, lampshade and pictures and voila I have a newly spruced toilet chamber.

I can now lock myself in the toilet and admire my handy work. Not bad considering it took a day. Now where to start next?

- Posted on the go :)


  1. Wow...your bathroom looks EPIC! haha! Loving the wallpaper, really gorgeous job xx

  2. It looks fab sis! You're so clever x

  3. Fab! Where did you get the picture? Its gorgeous!

  4. Hi Jo, I bought them from the Range x

  5. Thank you Debs, I am pleased with it x

  6. What a difference - it looks great! Well done!

  7. Thank you, I love it, can't wait to get home and see everyone else's x

  8. Thanks! will go and have a gander. x

  9. Every part is the playing their own role in home, we have to arrange those all things in best way. Then only whole home look will be great and beautiful.


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