New School, Fresh Start

26 June 2013

We have been living back in the countryside for a year now and commute to school and work but as from September things will change, hopefully for the better. Grotbags will be going to the village school due to me finding work 12 miles away. This will have a huge beneficial impact on the time I spend driving each day when I could be at home sorting tea, washing, ironing etc.

Grotbags has been quite worked up about the whole changing school scenario and being an anxious child was not looking forward to the process at all. So I arranged with the local village school for her to have a taster day.

Friday morning arrived and we set off on her new route to school which only takes 2 minutes. Grotbags was feeling excited but nervous at the same time and as we arrived at the school gate she made it quite clear that she wasn’t going in. Luckily some local people were walking past and stopped to talk to her, giving her loads of encouragement at which point I ushered her in through the school door.

After clinging on to my leg for the first half hour she finally let go and started to communicate with people, the school is so nice and there will be only 17 children in the whole of the juniors in September. This will be a huge change for Grotbags as there are currently 32 children in her Year 3 class. Anyway I quickly vanished whilst she was feeling happy and went to pick her up at 3.30pm.

Her first words to me when she met me at the school gate were “When can I come again”, you cannot believe how much I longed to hear those words. She has had a stressful year worrying about her OCD habits, girls being nasty at school and her daddy being away a lot and this has had a huge impact on her self-esteem and I am really hoping I have made the right decision to change her school on top of all the other changes.

Saturday morning she did not wake up until 9.45am, I think she was so relieved and the stress and anxiety of the previous days actually caught up with her. We even had cuddles watching a film Saturday afternoon. Here’s looking to a brighter future.

- Posted on the go :)

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  1. I'm sure she will be fine sis and settle really quickly!

    Can't wait to see you all and have Gracie for a bit x


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