My Little Pony - A Canterlot Wedding Book App Review

13 June 2013

We were recently contacted with regards reviewing the My Little Pony - A Canterlot Wedding Book App available to download on iTunes at a cost of £2.99 and with Grotbags being horse mad she said she would give it a go.

The graphics are beautiful and clear and the book is interactive with different activities for you child to complete.

Princess Celestia has given all the ponies different jobs to do to help prepare for the wedding. Your child can help bake, compose a song, design a wedding gown amongst other activities. This App is appropriate for children aged 3+ and Grotbags loves it, she can even vary the story each time she uses the App.

This App is a huge hit with Grotbags and any child would enjoy it. There are no in app purchases either so you're wallet is safe :).

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