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16 June 2013

Mumsnet have been working with Unum and have asked five bloggers to #askHR about employer benefits that they are entitled to. I work in the Public Sector and found our HR representative to be really helpful (although the information is readily available published in a staff benefits booklet). Some of the benefits we are entitled to are:

Pension benefits includes - a pension and tax free lump sum when you retire, life assurance cover of twice your annual pay, voluntary early retirement benefits, redundancy benefits, family benefits and an option to increase your benefits.

Flexible Working – annualised hours, term time only contracts, reduction in hours, job share scheme, career break, home working etc.

Special Leave – paternity leave, adoption leave, carers leave.

Child & Family Support - on-site childcare facilities, childminding network, childcare vouchers, policies to help work and home life, childcare discount information, emergency childcare, education funding, information on government funding.

Health & Wellbeing – occupational health service.

Workplace Wellbeing Counselling Service, car share and travel clinic.

Learning & Development – training opportunities, appraisal process.

I think the NHS as a whole is a good employer, it helps to support parents to achieve a home/work life balance where possible, obviously there are certain roles within the organisation where this may not be possible all the time. I changed my hours to fit in with family life, by starting work later to enable me to take Grotbags to school. If for some unfortunate reason I were to become unwell then I would receive full sick pay for a certain length of time (depending on years of service) and have good occupational health guidance if needed. If Grotbags is poorly and I cannot attend work then I can take a small amount of time to put childcare in place.

I do not think this package could be improved in anyway as I feel the help and support needed is available.

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  1. Wow, having term time only working option is brilliant (one of my friends asked for 2 days a week term time only working before she went off for mat leavel - her boss said yes without thinking more about it, and she loves it. Definitely helps with school options if you can afford to drop the salary).
    And on-site childcare is definitely another great perk (our local hospital has one of the best nurseries around, but it's really hard to get your child in whether you're employed by the NHS or not)


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