Walkers Hoops & Crosses Review

8 May 2013

Me and Grotbags love crisps, where some people crave sweet things, we have crisps for treats, so when we were given the opportunity to try Walkers new Hoops & Crosses I jumped at the chance.

Grotbags loved the package that arrived, Metro the Monkey was an added bonus.

Grotbags insisted on having a bacon butty with her crisps and I did manage to sneak a couple when she wasn't looking but I'm afraid they didn't last long enough to have a game with as planned as we loved them. The crisps were tasty, crunchy, light and puffy and we both loved the beef flavour.

Useful information:
Each bag has 85 calories.
Hoops and Crosses are made with 56% wholegrain and have no artificial colours or preservatives.
They come in three flavours – all suitable for vegetarians (prawn cocktail, roast beef, salt and vinegar).

I will definitely be buying these again as they will make a healthy addition to snack time.

I was sent this product for review purposes but the opinion is my own.

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