Killer Cat Causing Problems

13 May 2013

Whoever would think that my adorable little Fluff could turn from this!

To this!

He really has a huge chip on his shoulder. He leaves endless mice, moles etc on my doorstep of which I don't blooming want! Then the other day he had a baby bunny which Grotbags managed to rescue, although she was left deeply traumatised by the whole event.

To top it all he is now terrorising a neighbour whom kindly came round to tell me they had had enough of him in their house (WTF), why did they let him in? Apparently he goes in whenever he can. Well what can I do? He is well fed, loved and quite happy as long as you don't fuss him too much. The best bit is that he scratched the blokes nose minutes before he had to deliver a sermon on New Years Eve!

So why make a fuss now if they've been letting him in since then! I am at a loss for words.

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  1. I have 4 cats that come in my house whenever I leave the back door open. They eat all my cats food if I don't remember to move her bowl, but there's nothing anyone can do (except keep my back door closed but with kids in and out from the garden, it's pointless). It's just one of those things, no one can really do anything.
    Your kitty is beautiful :)


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