Aquarelle by Ravensburger

14 May 2013

I was recently sent an Aquarelle water colour painting set for Grotbags to review.

The Aquarelle set comprises a canvas with water repellent lines embossed onto the painting board which makes it really easy to use. The special outline keeps the watercolours from running which gives a lot clearer outline to your painting. Also included are 5 watercolour paint bottles, 1 double sided brush, 1 water pipette and a mixing palette.

Grotbags started off very slowly and really enjoyed mixing the water colours to make different shades, also enclosed with the kit was a mixing chart that gave clear instructions on how many drops of each colour made different colours. I love the fact that she could experiment and come up with her own colours for the picture and therefore make it unique to her.

The master piece is still not finished but it is slowly getting there. I think this is really good for a first attempt with water colours and I can recommend this set for keeping any child quiet on a wet afternoon.

We were sent this set free of charge for review purposes.

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