Colour Splasherz Carry Case Review

17 April 2013

Grotbags was recently sent a Colour Splasherz Carry Case to review and this was a big hit as she loves making jewellery.

The Colour Splasherz set contains beads that you can transform with water, simply dip the beads in warm water and watching as the colour of the beads change. Then when you want to change them back simply dip in cold water and they reverse to the original colour. The jewels will keep their colour until you reverse the temperature.

The colour Spalsherz carrying case keeps all your beads in a secure place and it also doubles up as a strainer and water container. The set comprises the below:

1 x Carrying Case set that opens into a dunking station with built- in strainer,
2 x Colour Splasherz pendants with settings
10 x Large Colour Splasherz beads
90 x Non colour-change beads
Chains with built in lanyards for 2 bracelets and 2 necklaces.

Grotbags loves this product and I love the fact that you can use it again and again, changing your jewellery without having to buy more beads. The set what I was sent costs £12.99 which I think is good value for money with it being reuseable.

I was sent this item free of charge for review purposes.

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