Palmolive Ayurituel Review

4 March 2013

I was recently sent some Palmolive Ayurituel Joyous Shower Gel to review and it smelt divine.

Ayurituel is inspired by the wisdom of Ayurveda which belives in the principles that everything on this planet, including our bodies, consists of five master elements: Space, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. Our biological systems combine these five forces into three primary patterns known as ‘doshas’of which we all have although one or two of these may be more predominant.

Inspired by Ayurveda, Palmolive Ayurituel comes in three different experiences, Energy which contains sandalwood and ginger for an uplifting effect, Joyous which contains lotus flower and indian mulberry and tranquility which contains indian neem and patchouli to calm the senses.

I used the shower gel in the bath and I must admit that I felt very relaxed after using this (although I did have a cheekly glass of wine too), my skin felt really soft afterwards and smelt gorgeous. This shower gel gets the thumbs up from me.

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