Stone Bridge - Coiffure Hair Clamp Review

9 February 2013

I was recently contacted by Stone Bridge who sell really exquisite hair accessories and offer a free consultation service to advise on what hair accessory would be best for your particular hair type. In order for them to send me the best design for my hair I completed an online form with information about my hair and they replied with various options which would suit my hair type.

The clip arrived beautifully packaged.

This photo does not do the clamp justice, it is a gorgeous pearl mosaic which is handmade in France. The Coiffure Clamp is nicely curved and has well-spaced teeth that holds your hair securely and comfortably. My OH has been away this week so I have been unable to take a picture of me wearing the clamp but I can say that it actually stayed in my hair all day and was so comfy to wear. The clamp costs £35 which is not cheap but in this instance I think you get what you pay for.

This item was sent to me free of charge for the purpose of this review and the opinion is entirely my own.

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