Guess How Much I Love You - Review

5 December 2012

We were recently sent the Guess How Much I Love You DVD to review and Grotbags thought it was 'amazing'. When she was 2 years old I bought her the book and she fell in love with it and from this time onwards I have always said the words 'I love you to the moon and back'. She was so excited to receive this DVD and was not disappointed. The animation and characters are so loveable and I cannot recommend it enough for your little ones.

With eight adorable episodes, the DVD is the first time that the characters drawn by Anita Jeram will appear on screen. As well as the Nut Brown Hares, fans will meet other countryside creatures including Little White Owl and Little Field Mouse. The episodes follow the friends fun and the life lessons they learn along the way.

Episodes include ‘Blossoms’ where we see the changes in the seasons and Little Nutbrown Hare’s memory of a magnificent cherry tree he saw when he was younger. He sets off on an adventure to find it. Will the blossoms floating downstream give them a clue as to a shorter way home? In the episode ‘What Sound Does the Moon Make?’ both Nutbrown Hares are having trouble sleeping. As they lay quietly in a pile of leaves they listen to the sounds of the night…swish, hoot, wobble, nibble, croak and splash! They go on a journey to discover what’s making the interesting night noises, but will they work out what sound the moon makes?

This is the perfect stocking filler for any young child and is available now from all major retailers.

We love Little Nut Brown.

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