Wonderful Nuts Review

28 November 2012

This last week we have been sampling some Wonderful pistachio nuts and they are soo good. Grotbags is not really bothered about sweets and chocolate but she loved cracking open the shells of these. They come in four varieties, salt and pepper, roasted salted, roasted unsalted and sweet chilli, Grotbags loved the salted but I loved the sweet chilli ones. We were also sent some Wonderful Almonds which I must admit were my overall favourite.

I love to put nuts in bowls for when visitors arrive over the Christmas period and these are just perfect for sharing. I will definitely be buying these for any entertaining I intend to do.

Wonderful Pistachios are available from Asda (150g), Tesco (150g and 250g), Sainsbury’s (150g and 250g), Waitrose (150g and 250g), Ocado Roasted & Salted, Salt & Pepper and Sweet Chili (250g). RRP is £1.99 (150g) and £3.19 (250g)

Wonderful Almonds (200g) are available from Tesco, Waitrose. RRP is £2.95

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