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4 January 2013

As Winter is fast approaching and the dark nights are upon us it is a proven fact that more car accidents happen during the winter months. One minute the roads are wet, the next minute they could be icy and even worse we have the snow falls to think about. All these factors can lead to treacherous driving conditions and no matter how good a driver you are we can all be caught out by the varying weather.

I drive for two hours a day and do not like to take any unnecessary risks. I keep some snacks in the glove compartment and a bottle of water, along with some books for Grotbags just in case we get stuck anywhere. I also keep a shovel and my wellys in the boot of my car during the winter months as I would not want to get my feet wet digging myself out of a snow drift.

With all the added factors that can make an accident more probable during the winter months it is wise to have good Car Insurance with adequate cover for all eventualities.

Items I Keep in the Car for Winter
Warm clothing

My other half also makes sure that my car is topped up with anti-freeze and water in the washer bottle on a weekly basis. These are just a few of my tips that can make driving during the winter months safer and more comfortable.

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