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9 November 2012

Grotbags loves books so when we were given chance to review some new titles for Xmas we couldn't say no.

Rosie and Raggles Star in The Last Snowball

When Big Bear wakes up from his deep winter sleep, he’s sad to find that he’s missed out on all the fun that snow can bring. Rosie and her friends do everything they can to do recreate winter fun, but sledging and snow angels don’t work without snow. Will they find a way to cheer up Big Bear?

Meet Father Christmas with all the Mr. Men characters this festive season

When Little Miss Tiny secretly wishes she could visit Father Christmas she doesn’t expect her wish to come true. But magical things really do happen at Christmas and crazy things too when you’re with the Mr. Men and the Little Miss! Complete with celebrating sheep, yellow snow, sneezing elves and a very sooty Father Christmas, this is another classic Mr. Men story.

Everyone’s favourite blue engine features in this new Christmas special snowy tracks

The island of Sodor is covered in a thick blanket of snow and the engines have been told to be careful and not to go over any big hills. Gordon doesn’t listen, he’s sure that he’ll be strong enough to steam over every hill he comes to. But it isn’t long before Gordon finds out that snow is much more dangerous than it looks!

These delightful, beautifully illustrated books will make the perfect stocking fillers for your children, Grace loved the Mr Men and Everything's Rosie books. They are out now, available in all good book retailers.

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  1. We have some Thomas the Tank Engine books we bought Dexter from Drayton Manor. His daddy makes them sound so exciting when he reads them! I must get him some Mr Men books so thanks for reminding me :-)


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