Busy Saturdays - What OCD?

18 November 2012

Yesterday Grotbags woke me up to tell me she had fed the dog and cat and they had been out! This was at 7am and she was sat down eating a bowl full to the top of cereal and milk, I had heard her stirring at 5am but didn't think she had got up! I don't usually let her go downstairs on her own for fear of her doing something to harm herself but on this occasion I felt so relieved that she had actually touched the cat/dog food as this is something she would never do due to fear of smell and germs. We then went to swimming lessons and I chilled for 30mins with a latte.

Tesco's was calling after and we went and did the weekly shop before spending the afternoon baking cupcakes, Grotbags decorated them all on her own without moaning about sticky hands and she made a fantastic job of them :).

Next stop was the hairdressers for her haircut and on the way home a picture of the gorgeous sky at tea time.

Bedtime soon followed for Grotbags and I had a nice relaxing bath followed by baileys on ice, what a lovely day.

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  1. Sounds like a lovely carefree day sis! Those cakes look lovely! Wish we lived nearer so the girls could play together :(

  2. I wish you lived nearer Sis too! It would be great x x

  3. Ooh wow you got loads done - wish I was that productive! I love the cupcakes and that latte looks amazing and it's great that your daughter is facing her fears. Now following on GFC

    Laura x


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