Accidents Happen

4 October 2012

You know that saying “accidents happen”, well they seem to happen to my husband on a regular basis. Recently he ran over his laptop, he had put it down in his laptop bag behind his van whilst loading it for a DJing gig and then answered his mobile which was ringing, nonetheless he forgot about the laptop and went to reverse out of the drive and I am sure you can imagine what happened next. He has also knocked a tin of paint over whilst decorating and trod oil into my carpet when he was mending the car and walked into the house with his shoes on. I could not believe it when he rang me about the laptop, believe me we had a few harsh words but then it was put into my hands to sort out. Thankfully we had home insurance, which unfortunately lots of people do not have.

My home insurance was due for renewal at the beginning of the school holidays and I am one of those people who always searches online for the best price on absolutely everything, so I began my search to Compare Home Insurance and found a great deal. I cannot understand families who do not have home insurance as adequate cover can be found relatively cheap and you never know when you may need it.

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