Trash Pack Series 2 Scum Drum Review

10 September 2012

I was recently asked to review the Scum Drum and thought why not, Grotbags loves any toys and will quite happily play with boy's toys as well as girls.

New from Flair is the Trash Pack - Scum Drum Playset, suitable for boys aged 6-11 years. As a new term is about to begin - so is the new playground craze! Trash Pack series 2 has over 100 new trashies to join the gang and they now have a Scum Drum Playset to hang out in. Complete with launch pad and 4 exclusive trashies boy can hit ‘n tip ‘em and launch their grossest members into the ooze pit! Gross!

There’s over 100 new Trashies joining the gang, including Slime Bucket, Gutter Grub and Mouldy Mushroom!

But for Christmas, some major new Trash Pack playsets will add to the fun!
The grossest members of the gang hang out in the Scum Drum. With the Scum Drum playset (SRP £24.99) you can launch Trashies into the ooze pit! Gross!

Grace had great fun flicking the Trashies into the Scum Drum although it is quite hard to achieve. There are various ways to play with this toy, all with instructions for different games. It kind of reminds me of tiddlywinks from my childhood. I am sure boys of Grace's age would have loads more fun with it as I understand there are loads to collect.

I was sent the above item FOC to review.

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