Fabulous Weekend

10 September 2012

I have had the most enjoyable weekend for a long time. Saturday was a busy day preparing for our holiday, suitcases nearly sorted, hair done and not long to go. I woke at 5.00am and sat outside with my cup of tea listening to the dawn chorus and watching the morning come alive.

Then Sunday we set off early to Cambridgeshire to see the Air Show at RAF Duxford. We took my mum and dad and they had their first flight in a vintage aeroplane in fact it was the first time they had flown in any aeroplane. It was a glorious day but I think my highlight was talking to two WW2 veterans who flew the below aircraft. The gentlemen are an inspiration to us all.

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  1. I can't believe Mum and Dad went up in a plane! How on earth did you persuade them to do that?

  2. Nick was with them at the time lol , they had a fab day, it was great to see dad enjoying himself.


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