Dreaming of a Holiday...

15 September 2012

Hi everyone; this is Sonia, Cathy's little sister - you can usually find me blogging over at http://thismummyloves.com but seeing as Cathy has buggered off and gone to Turkey I am filling in for her  little bit while she is away :)

Cathy's husband posted this photo over on his Facebook page this morning and I am insanely jealous! I have never had a proper holiday and am so desperate to just get away and lie by a pool or on the beach for a while.
Cathy is enjoying the sun in Turkey!
I am sure though that going away to somewhere like this with a toddler would not be that relaxing at all - actually I might as well take a red swimsuit with me as it would probably be like an episode of Baywatch... except my body isn't that great ;)

Anyway I want to hear about your favourite holidays, where do you like going, where is good to take the children etc so I can get some kind of idea for next year, because I will get a holiday in 2013. I really will!!!


  1. My three absolutely loved Butlins last year and Haven the year before,(they're 12, 7 and 5) but this year the hubby and I wanted to get away from all the traditional, 'spend a fortune on junk' seaside holidays so we're going to Featherdown Farm in Cumbria.
    We're going to cook on a campfire and explore the woods and fetch fresh eggs every morning from the chickens. I can't wait! We're going in October....I'm just hoping it's not going to be too cold!

    1. That sounds wonderful Michelle. I've been thinking about booking a cottage on a farm in Cornwall in October. I might just take the risk x

  2. I love Center Parcs and Disney Paris, we obviously can't really go abroad, but these holidays allow all of us to enjoy something xx

    ps beautiful pic Cathy x

  3. Hi sis, plenty of lifeguards round this pool ;), weather is divine! Food is fantastic and the shows are amazing, love you x x


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