Craft Party the Perfect Solution

6 September 2012

I was recently sent an Interplay product called Craft Party free of charge to review. Now if you are like me you are always looking for something imaginative and new to do for your child's party and this ticks all the boxes.

Craft party is aimed at girls aged 5-8 years and if you are organising a party for your child there is now a new and inspirational way to create a fab party. Hosting a party to remember is as easy as opening a box with Craft Party and with some great themes to choose from such as Mad about Ponies Party and Treasure Box Party.

In the Treasure Party Box which we received there were 6 heart shaped boxes, 6 pots of paint (2 colours), 6 paint brushes, 100 adhesive jewels, 120 beads (4 colours), 6 assorted charms, 6 lengths of stretch cord, 6 sheets of tissue paper and a instruction sheet for the adult supervising. Treasure Box provides two main activities; the first activity involves each child painting and decorating their own heart shaped box. The second activity is making a bracelet to go in the box. You can even line the box with tissue paper to make the box that little bit extra special.

Grotbags had great fun painting and sticking on her box although she did find it quite difficult to thread the beads onto the stretchy cord as the knot would not stay in the end of the cord. I would definitely use this product for her party and I am saving the remaining 5 boxes for her birthday on New Years Eve.

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