Summer Reading

13 August 2012

With the summer holidays upon us what better way to relax than with a good novel. I like something easy to read that I can pick up at anytime and put down at a moments notice without losing the plot. I recently bought Alice Brown's Lessons in the Curious Art of Dating . In the age of Internet dating it seems we will do anything to find our sole mate and this story is light hearted and fun.

The heroine of this tale is Alice Brown who works for the dating agency 'Table for Two' and who romantically believes in true love. Kate joins the dating agency with high expectations in a man and is a client of Alice. Alice's boss Audrey is an ogre with a secret of her own and seems to have the perfect relationship but I won't say anymore and spoil this great first novel from Eleanor Prescott.

Go grab yourself a coffee, put your feet up and enjoy.

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