Being a Working Mum

8 August 2012

Oh I long for the days when I was a stay at home mum, even though I was a single parent and missed adult company I spent hours crafting, baking, walking and playing with my three boys and I cherish the time I spent with them.

How things have changed since I remarried and had Grotbags. I feel so guilty that I do not spend the hours playing with her like I did the boys. My travelling to and from work takes two hours and in this time we talk and play guessing games like 'I Spy'. When we arrive home I recruit Grotbags help in preparing tea, this often involves more games which often have educational value, we discuss nutrition, spell words with vegetable peelings etc. At bath time we incorporate reading silly stories and she uses her bath letters to guess parts of sentences, by this time I am growing weary and really need some me time and a glass of vino, but there is no rest once she is in bed, there is still the cleaning, washing and ironing to complete.

I often wonder whether Grotbags is missing out not having me around when she comes home from school or in the holidays but would I really want to be at home again all the time? After all I love my job, I enjoy the adult company and I hope it makes me a better person in Society's eye as I felt I was frowned upon for years when the boys were little, single mothers can sometimes seem a threat to married couples and are often left out of gatherings because of this.

So I have experienced both spectrums of parenthood and I am still non the wiser if there is a perfect way.

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  1. It's a tough one Cath, during the week I miss having Z&O around but they get so much out of nursery. I just try to make every weekend special and fit in loads of days out etc.


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