Wedding Planning

13 July 2012

As you all may now we have a big wedding next weekend (anybody would think it was a royal wedding the way the MIL is going on)! I really don't need to be told what time to arrive, what to wear or that my OH should be at her house for breakfast that day! In fact I may just have a paddy before this week is out. My OH is calm as usual and nothing really bothers him although he has stated he will not be going there for breakfast. I am a stubborn old bull (Taurean) and dig my heels in and rebel and have made my own list of priorities.

1. Waxing - Friday, must ensure all unsightly hair is removed. Nothing worse than a lady moustache or hairy armpits.
2. Spray tan - Friday, my legs definitely need some colour as they look anaemic.
3. Haircut - Friday, for me and grotbags, although she states that she doesn't want her hair cutting because she is growing it. Mmm we will see, I wonder where she gets her stubbornness from.
4. Bottle of vino - I will not be swayed from this.
4. Hair - Saturday, I have decided we are both having our hair up and therefore another trip to the hairdressers before we get ready.
5. Pre-wedding drink - by the time I have completed the above I will definitely need an aperitif or two.

Hopefully the sun will shine on Bolsover Castle as I do not want to freeze my ***** off! A hip flask my come in handy as I fear it may be a stressful day :).

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