Rice Krispies #ColourMeInRK

18 July 2012

This last week Grotbags was sent a fantastic colouring set and a large box of Rice Krispies to enter the #ColourMeInRK competition. She had great fun and at first was really careful with her colouring.

She wanted to make the spoon 3D and therefore used the glitter glue to give a raised effect, she spent ages trying to get this right but her attention started to wander and she needed a break, what better way than with a bowl of Rice Krispies. Grotbags has a very short attention span and as I have previously posted I think she may have some OCD tendencies. Eventually we had a finished product and she is now looking forward to making Rice Krispie nests (when we get half an hour spare).


  1. That loos fab, I'm impressed with the bowl decoration, very detailed!

  2. Looking very good indeed! I particularly like the glitter glue! ;)

    Karin @ Cafe Bebe

  3. Thank you ladies, she had fun joining in, after all that's what it's all about :) x


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