Naughty but Nice

14 July 2012

I was up rather early this morning catching up with some blog reading, cleaning etc before I took Grotbags swimming. Whilst at swimming I found a recipe on Jenny at Mummy Mishaps Blog that I just had to try.

Millionaires shortbread cupcakes! These are delicious and tonight instead of vino, I have tea and cake. Thank you Jenny for a fab recipe that I will be making again very soon.
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  1. They are divine Louise, you really need to try them :) x

  2. Oh my goodness you were quick off the mark in making them!! WOw i am chuffed!! I am glad you enjoyed them xx

  3. Ooh they look lovely! You can make some when we come to visit sis x

  4. yeh feel free to make me some too ;) They look yummy :O)


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