Domestic Violence - Don't Cover it Up

2 July 2012

I am so happy to get involved in this campaign being run by Refuge. A shocking 1 in 4 women experience domestic violence. I have a history of working with victims of domestic violence both male and female and know first hand how perpetrators are manipulative and controlling and to the outside world they appear to be loving and kind. Victims are abused in many ways but whether it is physically, emotionally, sexually or financially the victim will feel it is their fault, which is of course not true.

The campaign centres around a video featuring popular make-up artist Lauren Luke. It takes a unique, thought-provoking approach to the difficult issue of domestic violence, and it is certain to get people talking.

View the footage and an interview with Lauren Luke on why she chose to support Refuge.
• Support this campaign and text: ‘LUKE05 £2’ to 70070
• Sign the Petition calling for more services.

Please help in anyway possible, remaining silent is not the way forward.

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  1. Thank you for getting involved and highlighting such an important campaign. Also for showing practical ways your readers can help. Much appreciated.

  2. I hope it gets the message across in some small way, victims of DV do not need to feel so alone x


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