You Can't Beat Old Games

5 June 2012

Yesterday Grotbags and the OH went exploring whilst I painted the kitchen. One hour later I get a text message with this picture...  This made me reminisce about the hours I spent as a child exploring the countryside of Derbyshire and fond memories of absent friends.  We used to play shops with wild flowers, stones and moss and make dens in the hedgerows, catch bullyheads and sticklebacks in the river and go swimming in the dam.  You just can't beat play that doesn't cost a penny and it is so much healthier.

Grotbags looks so happy in this picture and I hope she will enjoy being here as much I loved growing up here.

1 comment:

  1. That's exactly how we played. Imaginative outdoor play is what develops beautiful people. It's lovely to see Grace so happy and enjoying life x


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