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7 June 2012

The children in Grotbags class always get to take Jofli bear home when they have completed a good piece of work. We then have to do something with him and the child has to write in his diary, Grotbags has had him on numerous occasions and we have baked and had trips out. I am now running out of things to do with the bear as it is often overnight and for such a short timescale, below are a few pictures.

Any ideas would be gratefully received :)
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  1. Clearly your girl is too clever! I was really excited when we first had the nursery bear - looked at the book and he had done more with his life than I had - He even had his photo with Gordon Ramsey! I therefore gave up with the competing and just took photos of him doing the same as us. He went to a birthday party and wore a party hat and then He held a sparkler - managed not to set fire to himself! Good luck with the ideas.

  2. Thanks Louise, we don't really do anything special either. Grotbags is not really clever but tries really hard which is all we can ask. We have had picnic teas etc but cannot think of anything else to do with him.

  3. I was a teacher in a previous life and all you can ask for is a child that wants to do their best - Well done Grotbags! Have you fed the ducks, baked cakes, gone to the playground, dressed bear up.... not particularly exciting ideas but I bet you can get some great photos.

  4. We haven't fed the ducks yet Louise, what a good idea, this will be next on my list. Thank you x


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