Busy Day

2 June 2012

Today is my first day in our new home and we have lots to sort out.
1. Shopping
2. Swimming lessons
3. Painting
4. Baking
A trip to Matlock was called for first thing, shopping done, then we called at the new leisure centre (very posh) and arranged Grotbags swimming lessons. When we arrived home Grotbags wanted to bake even though I would have loved to get stuck into the decorating, so we made a few buns and a cake.

I then under coated the window and door in the kitchen. I think it is now time for a coffee break (although I could just down a large vino) and catch up with all those fabulous blogs that I have been neglecting. Happy Saturday.
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  1. Busy busy busy. Although at least it's a good busy back in your home x

  2. Hope you are having a lovely weekend:)

  3. Thank you, hope you both have a great bank holiday weekend x


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