Off to the big smoke....

22 May 2012

Tomorrow I am going to London on my own by train to have my hair done at Richard Ward Salon (where the Duchess of Cambridge has her hair done). This is really exciting and daunting but should be real good fun, I don't think I will sleep tonight worrying about arriving there on time. I can't wait to have my hair dyed by a professional after undertaking various home colours and my hair really needs some serious TLC through neglect..

I will update tomorrow with my thoughts...

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Location:Off to the big smoke


  1. Oh wow that sounds awesome! Relax and enjoy sis!! It will be wonderful x

  2. Yes sis and it's not costing a penny which is even better :)

  3. Oh wow I'm very jealous! Enjoy yourself :)

  4. Can't wait sis, just me all day it will be fab x x


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