The Little Party People Review

24 May 2012

What they say: The Little Party People allows you and your child to design their birthday party together. The website is full of party supplies to hold memorable birthday parties that last a lifetime. There are the normal character parties and party themes as well as beautiful handmade party supplies to give that homemade individual touch. It can even be an eco-friendly party too.

This week I was sent a party bag which was a basic one and had four party toys inside and retails at only 99p. It is part of their playing to party range.

The party bag was a bright cellophane bag consisting of hearts and stripes.

Inside was a small jigsaw, some shiny girly stickers, a little bendy smiley man and a plain pencil with rubber. My daughter loves anything girly so the stickers and jigsaw were a big hit, she also loved the little man, she was not at all bothered with the pencil (may be if it had been bright and colourful it would have appealed more). I love the fact that you can tailor make everything for your child's party on The Little People's website and will definitely be taking a closer look nearer to Grotbags birthday.

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  1. That's a bargain price. Shall remember these for the future x


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